Pygmy Date Palm Care: Suggestions On Rising Phoenix Roebelenii

Phoenix roebelenii (botanical identify) [roh-bel-EN-ee-eye] is also referred to as the dwarf Pygmy Date palm.

The plant can also be sometimes called Robellini [roh-bel-EN-ee].

These small palm bushes hail from the understory of the dense forests of southeast Asia and Africa and belong to the household Arecaceae, which is the palm household.

Pygmy Date Palm Care

Dimension & Progress

Dwarf Date Palm is a sluggish development charge plant and mature vegetation will attain a top of not more than 5’ toes when grown indoors.

Outside vegetation can attain eight′ – 10′ toes tall.

The plant’s foliage consists of sleek, arching fronds about three’ toes lengthy with slim, delicate leaves.

Flowering & Perfume

When grown open air, these dioecious vegetation produce distinctive female and male flowers on separate bushes.

The cream-colored flowers mature into edible dates on feminine bushes.

Gentle & Temperature

As a forest understory plant, Phoenix roebelenii does very properly in a setting with brilliant, oblique daylight or partial shade however will tolerate some full solar.

These vegetation do very properly when positioned close to a south or east-facing window.

Pygmy Date Palm does properly with medium filtered gentle, however you have to take care to not water excessively in a decrease gentle setting.

These vegetation develop greatest at temperatures starting from 50° – 75° levels F, Fahrenheit (10° C – 24° C).

Keep away from permitting the temperature to drop under 50° levels Fahrenheit (10° C).

Pygmy Date Palms are winter hardy in america hardiness zone 9b – 11 (USDA Zone).

Watering & Feeding

As tropical understory vegetation, these small palm bushes won’t thrive with out average or excessive humidity ranges.

All through the rising zone season, spring by means of autumn, hold your Pygmy Date Palm properly watered.

As with most vegetation, keep away from leaving the soil soggy.

The plant ought to by no means be left standing in water.

Through the winter months, cut back watering. Permit the soil to dry out fully in between waterings.

Early within the springtime, resume common watering and provides your Phoenix roebelenii a half-strength dose of time-released palm fertilizer.

It would admire one other dose in mid-summer.

One of the best sort of fertilizer to make use of for these small palm bushes is rose fertilizer.

Fertilizers formulated for rose bushes include the correct micronutrients for this explicit sort of palm.

Plant meals with out sufficient magnesium or a potassium deficiency will trigger the leaves to develop yellowing spots.

It’s greatest to fertilize solely twice a yr utilizing a time-release plant meals, however if you’re not ready to make use of a time-released formulation, it’s best to fertilize as soon as a month through the plant’s rising season.

In both case, use a half-strength resolution.

Soil & Transplanting

All the time use a well-draining industrial potting combine with a little bit of coarse sand or perlite added to supply the correct vitamins and good drainage.

One of the best time to repot Phoenix roebelenii is within the springtime simply previous to the rising season.

You need to repot very fastidiously as a result of the vegetation have fairly delicate roots and don’t take properly to disturbance.

When the plant has absolutely matured and isn’t anticipated to develop any bigger, keep away from repotting altogether.

As a substitute, flip and dig away the highest a number of inches of soil and change it with a contemporary, prime dressing of nutrient-rich potting soil every year within the early spring.

When selecting a container in your Dwarf Palm tree, keep away from light-weight plastic decisions.

As a substitute, go for a heavier terra-cotta or ceramic container to forestall toppling.

Put a layer of gravel within the backside for added ballast.

Grooming & Upkeep

Trim away useless or broken fronds as wanted.

Watch out of coming involved with the sharp spines discovered on the base of every leaflet.

It’s all the time smart to put on protecting gloves when dealing with Phoenix roebelenii.

How To Propagate Pygmy Date Palm Tree

If you repot your Miniature Palm tree, you could discover it has produced suckers on the base of the plant.

To propagate new palm bushes, take away the suckers and plant them of their small pots.

Phoenix Pygmy Palm Important Pest or Illness Issues

For essentially the most half, these hardy little vegetation are proof against illness; nonetheless when stored open air and planted immediately within the soil, they might fall prey to soil-borne fungal illnesses inflicting root and trunk rot.

With most palm varieties being single trunk its a tricky illness to fight.

Extreme watering will trigger root rot.

In case you overwater your miniature palm plant, you might also discover the leaves start to show brown.

This may increasingly even be problematic should you reside in an space with laborious water.

When grown open air, the younger, tender leaves of the plant might appeal to caterpillars, weevils, scales, mealybugs, and mites early within the rising season.

Is The Plant Poisonous or Toxic

Pygmy palm bushes aren’t toxic, and, in ideally suited settings, they produce edible dates.

These dwarf Palms are stated to be superb clear air vegetation and are reported to excel at eradicating carbon monoxide, formaldehyde, benzene and xylene from the air.

Is The Plant Invasive?

Whereas these tropical vegetation develop properly open air in semitropical US settings and self propagate readily, they aren’t thought of invasive.

Prompt Makes use of For Phoenix Roebelenii Palms

In tropical and semi-tropical settings, Phoenix roebelenii could also be planted open air year-round in small groves.

They’re extremely popular panorama vegetation all through the state of Florida, however they shouldn’t be planted on the seaside as they don’t tolerate salt spray.

In cooler climates, they make glorious massive indoor houseplants.

Their origins make them ideally suited candidates for pool landscaping, together with dwelling, workplace, and industrial settings.