Succulents Indoors: As Simple As You May Suppose?

You need to carry your succulents indoors, and who can blame you? Succulents are refreshingly offbeat, bordering on freaky of their bodily look. Envision the botan­ical model of a rhinoceros, and that’s not far off. Frequent names resembling drunkard’s dream, flapjacks, satan’s spine, donkey tails, and jelly beans offer you some concept of the traits that set this clan aside. They’ll have swollen leaves and stems in addition to unusual leaf shapes. Flowers are sometimes a bonus characteristic. Even higher, blossoms usually happen in midwinter, simply while you want them most. In different phrases, succulents are sufficiently hanging to make houseplant internet hosting worthwhile.

Succulents lend themselves to the windowsills of less-than-doting gardeners. Even when you verge on neglectful and are typically a houseplant serial killer, succulents are an excellent place to begin. Principally, you need to take the whole lot you understand about rising these bizarre beasties open air and plug it in on a windowsill degree. Outside they stand up to beating solar. How does that translate indoors? Vibrant mild is a requisite. Should you don’t have a reasonably brilliant vacation spot to your succulent, learn no additional. Moreover that important requirement, they’re low upkeep, leaving you loads of time for outside pursuits.

Tip: Going open air

A word of warning: Though succulents love residing close to a window the place daylight streams in, when you ship them outdoors for a summer season trip, make sure to improve mild steadily to forestall sunburn.

The right way to host a succulent

There’s no secret about it: succulents need ample mild. How does that translate into your actuality? An unobstructed south-facing window is right, however a brilliant east- or west-facing publicity often does the job too. Should you solely have north-facing home windows or reside within the woods, sorry.

Trying nice is simple. Flapjacks (Kalanchoe luciae) are an excellent possibility for many who have struggled with houseplants previously. Picture: GAP Images Friedrich Straus


However past the sun-worshipping trait, succulents are versatile. In actual fact, they’re downright undemanding, making them an excellent place to begin. Say you are typically distracted—by the backyard, your companion, extracurricular actions, no matter—a succulent isn’t going to carry that towards you. Hailing from components of the world the place precipitation is scant, these plump leaves you admire for his or her quirkiness function water-storage items. What does that imply to you? They aren’t going to faint when you overlook to water. In actual fact, succulents detest soggy roots and needs to be watered solely when the soil is dry (however not parched). Should you’re the ultra-nurturing kind of one who hovers over a plant with a hose, possibly this relationship isn’t going to work out.

Succulents are typically fuss-free. Pruning and grooming aren’t massive points for these compact, slow-growing vegetation. If they start to stretch, inadequate mild or an excessive amount of meals is often the wrongdoer. Particularly, echeverias usually maintain their rosettes on denuded stems with age. Should you don’t like that look, merely snip off the rosette with a few inches of stem, and stick it into the soil. Finally it can kind roots. It’s so simple as that.

In actual fact, the entire expertise is a breeze with succulents. They usually’re available. Though they appear like specialty vegetation, succulents are sometimes seen within the floral division on the grocery store. When you get your mojo, a gathering spree is likely to be the result. And for little or no effort, you get bragging rights. Windowsill cautious? This can be a good place to begin.

Most succulents don’t demand a weight-reduction plan heavy in fertilizer. The breakfast of champions is ­going to result in stretchy, flabby progress reasonably than the toney muscular strains you like. Feed as soon as a month in summer season if it makes you content (though it’s often not obligatory). In winter, be stingy. Withhold fertilizer till days lengthen and light-weight ranges improve in spring.

Within the temperature division, succulents are adaptable. Should you flip up the thermostat in winter, succulents are going to be simply effective with the low humidity and dry environment. A cold, drafty home can be OK—so long as it’s not damp. By extension, the toilet may not be the most effective place to stash your succulents.

Should you’re a newbie, you may veer towards Echeveria, Kalanchoe, Schlumbergera (aka Christmas and Thanksgiving cacti), Crassula, Aloe, and Haworthia. All these genuses have members that make low-maintenance houseplants.

No misting required. Many houseplants detest the dry air that comes with indoor winter heating, however not succulents, like this echeveria. These vegetation require no pampering from you. Picture: Stephanie Fagan


However not all succulents are a cinch. More difficult is likely to be tremendous sun-worshipping Aeonium, many Euphorbia species (though the crown of thorns is simple to host), and true cacti (you understand—those with all of the hair and thorns, resembling Cephalocereus and anything with “cereus” in its title). The common residence will not be going to fulfill their want for solar.


Let the water circulation

Succulents like good drainage. Ensure your container has a drainage gap, and use a potting medium that retains moisture shifting; very peaty soils may want extra sand. Provide graduations in pot dimension slowly. Succulents don’t thoughts being pot-bound, they usually usually react negatively (understatement alert) when swimming in an oversize container as a result of surplus soil with out roots tends to stay soggy. Not good.

Picture: Stephanie Fagan

—Tovah Martin is the creator of a number of books on houseplants, together with The Surprising Houseplant: 220 Extraordinary Decisions for Each Spot in Your Residence.

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