Browallia Speciosa: The Sapphire Flower Rising And Care

Browallia speciosa comes from Colombia, types a bushy plant of bright- to dark-green leaves, set with innumerable white-throated violet-blue flowers.

Browallia additionally is thought by the frequent names of:

Sapphire flower
Amethyst flower
Bush violet

Browallia [bro-WAHL-ee-uh], can be generally pronounced [bro-WAY-lee-uh].

Nonetheless, the plant is called for John Browall [bro-WAHL], making the primary pronunciation the proper one.

The Browallia plant belongs to the Solanaceae household, identified additionally because the nightshades, and contains all kinds of fashionable vegatables and fruits, akin to eggplants, tomatoes and potatoes.

Engaging flowering Browallia speciosa – picture through wikimedia commons

The fragile amethyst flower just isn’t a fruit or vegetable. It’s used as a decorative in gardens or grown indoors as a potted houseplant.

Whereas it’s a small plant, it produces colourful flowers and options brilliant inexperienced foliage.

How Do You Develop Browallia?

The Browallia is a small plant. It sometimes solely achieves a peak and unfold of about 12” to 16” inches.

The foliage is a medium-green shade and grows in mounds and clumps, makes it a terrific selection for floor cowl and containers.

It ought to fill your container properly, until you determine to maintain the plant trimmed again.

When Does Browallia Flower?

Flowering begins in June about 4 months after they’re sometimes planted.

Whilst you solely get just a few flowers per vegetation, they final all through the season. In reality, the flowers might stay by way of September.

If you buy vegetation for his or her fragrances, you could be disillusioned to be taught that the Browallia doesn’t produce a scent.

Does Browallia Develop In Full Solar?

When grown indoors, keep away from direct daylight. The plant wants loads of sunshine, however the direct daylight can burn the leaves.

Nonetheless, direct daylight is okay when grown outside.

The temperature shouldn’t be a difficulty. This can be a hardy plant that’s simple to look after.

For those who select to develop sapphire flowers indoors, it ought to stay wholesome when saved in a room temperature room.

Watering and Feeding Browillia

The Browallia wants watering all year long. You may test the soil each few days. If the soil feels dry, add some water.

Fertilizer is advisable with every watering. It delivers useful vitamins to assist your plant thrive.

TIP: Mist indoor Browallia in the course of the summer time to provide it a lift of hydration.

Soil and Transplanting: A mixture of wholesome potting soil and sand ought to present optimum drainage for this plant.

It could be bought simply earlier than the buds begin to open or you could buy seed.

When rising from seed, sow in February if you need the plant to flower by the summer time.

The temperature needs to be between 70° and 75° levels Fahrenheit. You must also present the seeds with loads of daylight.

The seeds needs to be positioned in a tray and lined with plastic or glass.

It sometimes takes about two weeks for the seeds to germinate.

As soon as the develop When the seeds develop, place 4 seedlings in a 3 to four-inch pot.

As it’s an annual, repotting just isn’t frequent with the Browallia. Most individuals toss this plant on the finish of the yr, because the flowers die off and the plant begins to wilt.

To increase the flowering season, take away withered flowers. It’s best to get extra clusters of flowers they usually might last more.

Some growers additionally pinch the tops of the vegetation when they’re younger to maintain them from getting too lengthy and straggly.

This isn’t required until you wish to maintain the expansion below management.

The right way to Propagate Browallia

The one strategy to propagate Browallia is by seed. You may try to gather the seeds from dried leaves. Nonetheless, this can be a tough job.

The best answer is to buy seed packets and sow from seed utilizing the guidelines described.

Keep in mind to cowl your tray or pot with plastic or glass to assist maintain the seeds moist.

Pests, Illnesses, On Browallia

For those who discover that the leaves begin to look marbled and the veins flip yellow, the plant might have contracted a virus. Sadly, there is no such thing as a saving the plant.

Aphids might feed on the youthful leaves. The best answer is to softly wash them away in your kitchen sink. Or strive natural pesticides for aphids.

Leaf miners, spider mites and whiteflies may additionally assault vegetation.

Take note of the well being of the plant and modify your watering or placement as wanted.

For instance, if the leaves begin to droop, it’s essential to use extra water. If the bottom of the plant begins to water, it’s essential to use much less water.

Nonetheless, if the bottom is already black, your plant might be past saving.

The forms of Browallia come in several sizes and colours. A few of these varieties solely develop 10 inches tall, whereas others might attain two ft. The most well-liked varieties embody:

Infinite™ Illumination Collection
Bells Collection
Troll Collection

What’s the Greatest Use For Browallia?

Browallia just isn’t a big plant. It could assist add shade to a window sill, but it surely appears greatest when paired with different vegetation in a big container or backyard.

This undemanding Sapphire plant is an efficient selection for hanging baskets.

For long-lasting shade in summer time and fall, Browallia is without doubt one of the greatest. An ideal addition as a patio plant.