Helianthemum Nummularium Care Suggestions: Rising The Rock Rose

Helianthemum nummularium [hee-lee-AN-thee-mum, num-ew-LAH-ree-um] generally generally known as rock rose belongs to the Cistaceae household.

One other widespread identify of the plant “flower of the solar” comes from Greek phrases helios which means “the solar” and anthemon which means “a flower.”

Moreover the gorgeous showy flowers, the plant is cherished for its charming green-grey evergreen foliage which appears gorgeous amongst different flowering vegetation.

Helianthemum Nummularium Care

Dimension & Progress

Beneath the correct rising circumstances, the rock rose takes top at a quick fee.

As soon as planted in its everlasting place, the roots take maintain quick and develop comparatively rapidly.

The plant is prostrating, which means it’s low-growing and stays near the soil.

At most, the plant can develop as much as 12” inches in top.

Nonetheless, it has a decent unfold and covers round 24” – 36” inches of house.

That is why gardeners choose utilizing the rockrose as a floor cowl plant in backyard beds.

Flowering and Perfume

The various shades of orange, pink, white, and yellow of this plant makes it a favourite amongst gardening lovers.

The showy blooms are full through the spring and early summer season.

Backyard beds and limits all come alive when the plenty of saucer-shaped flowers open up.

Sadly, the flowers open just for a day when the solar is shining.

Then again, it does flower profusely, which means new buds maintain opening up for no less than two months.

Whereas the flowers don’t have a selected perfume, it does appeal to bugs like bees and a few species of small beetles.

Gentle & Temperature

The plant shouldn’t be notably tolerant of very popular temperatures.

It thrives in areas the place the summers are cool, and winters are comparatively heat.

Being a local to Europe, it’s used to temperatures included inside USDA zones 5a to 8b.

Nonetheless, it is advisable regulate the vegetation for those who reside in USDA zone 5.

Whereas it does have probabilities of rising, hardiness shouldn’t be 100% dependable.

Watering and Feeding

Rock rose vegetation choose dry to reasonably moist soils.

Overwatering and utilizing soil with poor drainage simply results in root rot.

When watering, verify the soil along with your finger and ensure it’s not too moist.

Be additional cautious when temperatures begin happening.

As for feeding, you don’t want so as to add fertilizer or compost because the plant is self-fertile.

If the soil turns into too wealthy, it would trigger progress to change into leggy, which doesn’t look good and requires replanting.

Soil & Transplanting

The widespread rock rose is a bit picky in terms of soil.

It does greatest in sandy or rocky soil.

Nonetheless, additionally it is appropriate for loamy, chalky, clay, and sandy soils.

It additionally bears alkaline, impartial, and alkaline pH, however prefers alkaline to impartial soil.

The soil should be well-drained.

If it doesn’t have good drainage, extreme water will encompass the soil too lengthy, which ends up in root rot, which is dangerous for total progress.

One essential factor to recollect in regards to the plant is its dislike of root disturbance.

As soon as the roots have been established within the everlasting location, transferring the vegetation results in failed transplanting.

If you’re propagating new vegetation, whether or not from seeds or cuttings, it is advisable transplant them earlier than the roots embed themselves effectively.

Grooming and Upkeep

Like different evergreen subshrubs, this plant is low-maintenance.

Because it’s principally grown as a floor cowl, pruning shouldn’t be essential.

Nonetheless, shearing is inspired throughout mid to late spring.

As soon as the plant has flowered, shear again the expansion to provide form to the unfold and to advertise new progress extending the lifetime of the plant itself.

How To Propagate Rock Rose

The rock rose is propagated two methods:

Seeding is finished within the fall.

Sow them in particular person starter pots.
Germination doesn’t take lengthy.
As soon as the seedlings are sturdy and lengthy sufficient to be dealt with, transplant them to particular person pots or their everlasting as quickly as attainable.

Softwood cuttings are completed in late spring or early summer season.

It’s higher to sow the cuttings of their everlasting areas because the plant despises being transplanted.

Flower Of The Solar Pest or Ailments

The plant is often pest and disease-free. They’re recognized for his or her resilience to honey fungus.

Nonetheless, it is advisable watch out when watering the plant.

If the soil is sufficiently moist, don’t overwater.

An excessive amount of water shouldn’t be tolerated effectively by the plant and ends in root rot.

Helianthemum Rockrose Makes use of

Rising in a prostrate place, the rock rose is ideal for floor protection.

Use the plant in between different perennials or flowering vegetation to cowl uncovered floor.

Moreover the bottom cowl, the plant is a superb alternative for rock gardens (it’s within the identify!), coastal gardens, and cottage gardens.

It appears lovely used as an edging or border plant and positioned round border fronts or on stone partitions to create a cascading impact.