Products and Tools that you would need to tend to your Organic Garden

Products and Tools that you would need to tend to your Organic Garden

The only thing that an organic gardener looks for is how to use organic products efficiently and what strategies can one use in order to produce fresh food. Tending a garden isn’t easy, especially an organic vegetable garden. There are many challenges and problems but they are inevitable. If you are new to gardening, then make sure that you include these tools on your list,


Compost forms naturally when animal manure, leaves, other organic matter and grass clippings breaks down into dark, earthy, rich compost that works wonders to retain moisture. Many gardeners make their own compost and maintain it. If you are too busy to make one on your own, then you can purchase organic soil and compost.


Organic Fertilizer

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Your garden soil must be robust and rich for your seeds to grow exceptionally well. If not, then they will need extra nutrition when they are planted. Use an all purpose and well balanced organic fertilizer that has all the major nutrients like phosphorus, potassium and nitrogen. Gardeners usually advise using granular fertilizers before planting the seeds and a liquid fertilizer (especially water soluble) which boosts plant growth. Go through the labels carefully in order to decide which fertilizer is best for your garden and how much quantity you would need.  


Basic Tools

Buy gardening tools that would actually help you and not just for the sake of it. The tools must help you to complete your tasks efficiently and safely. You will need a couple of hand tools to tend a small garden. For a larger garden, you would need long handled tools which would protect your back as well. Make a list of tools that you would be needing in order to remove weeds, dig small holes and loosen soil. Don’t forget to buy a pair of garden snips or shears and a pair of water resistant, breathable gloves.

Right Soil

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If the soil is healthy, your plants will be healthy too and will even have the capacity to resist diseases and pests thereby reducing the need for insecticides. Experienced gardeners have taken years to make their soil rich and fertile, the budding gardeners on the other hand have a long way to go.  

Apart from these don’t forget to include mulch that would not only reduce the weed growth but also maintains the ground moisture. Use good quality containers or pots for your plants and always keep an extra bottle of neem oil in your garden shed.