Methods of Coffee Processing

Methods of Coffee Processing

Processing of coffee is important method in what ways the coffee comes out as a finished product. The process depends upon the stage from collecting the coffee products by picking them off the plant and when the coffee beans are over then they can be dispatched from the outside. So, the coffee bean is seed inside the coffee cherry and the fruit should be separated from the bean properly and you can use any one of three methods such as neutral, semi-washed  and washed which brings out an beautiful coffee for drinking.

Drying Methods

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The coffee can be dried by mechanically like man-made dryer, by sun or both can be done. When the sun is out the beans are spread out on a cloth or brick and if these are not available then the beans are spread out on mesh of wire which can be best solution. Frequent turning occurs that the drying is all over the bean and maybe takes around 8 to 20 days to complete. But this depends upon the humidity and temperature or both can be useful for this method.

Pupled Natural
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The processing technique can produce balanced and sweet coffees while talking out the best from the both the worlds. They need to be uniform and cleaner than the natural method of drying, yet they are very thin and have a low acidity factors than the wet processed provides. So, after going from the pulping machinery, the coffee beans can be dried on parchment just like the wet method. Even the particular type of coffee which called as the honey coffee can be produced by washing the beans less and consequently by keeping the protective layer on the bean.

Wet Hulled/Semi Washed

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Many cost price coffees are produced through this technique where it results in an provincial cup which is often coming with an smell of sweet chocolate and wonderful taste. This technique has significant characteristics of prized coffees of the Asia and the pacific and the drying occurs in this method until the external layer of the coffee bean has been stripped by it. So, the coffee bean is left out to dry for two hours or more depending upon on us and then kept to dried. Well, this technique is found in community of coffee collectors, producers and farmers based on the trade of this method.

The above methods are the best techniques used for making the coffee from harvesting to making the bean to grow.Hope that I have covered all the topics in my article about methods of coffee processing. Thanks for reading!