Best Tips To Make the Perfect Cup Of Tea

Best Tips To Make the Perfect Cup Of Tea

Did you know, tea is consumed the most after water across the world?. In America itself, 3.6 billion of tea is being consumed every year. The common varieties that are consumed are the Black tea, Green tea, White tea, earl grey tea, Oolong tea from the 3000 available varieties. Many of us at some point or another have questioned ourselves what is the right way of making tea or that perfect cup of tea. So here a few methods supported scientifically that will help create a perfect tasting cup of tea.

1. Time of Brew

The most important part of the tea preparation is the time the tea needs to be steeped. Well, this depends on the type of tea leaves you use. The average time should range between 2 and 5 minutes. Green tea needs to be brewed for 2 minutes, Black tea also goes for 2 minutes of brewing, Oolong tea will require 3 minutes of brewing, white tea needs 4 minutes and herbal tea needs 5 minutes of brewing time.

2. Temperature of Water

Just like the brewing time, the temperature of the water also depends on the tea variety. It could range between eighty to hundred degree Celsius. If you use water that is very hot for the tea variety then it will result in a bitter taste.

The Time of Tea Break

3. Freshwater

Don’t use water that has been in the kettle for a long time. Fresh filtered water from the tap will perfectly do the job.

4. Don’t immediately consume the brewed tea

It is not a good idea to have boiling tea down your throat. The scientists in England suggest that you will have a perfect cup of tea when you have tea after 6 minutes. By this time, the cup of tea will cool to 60 degrees C and all the flavors are released. Although it should be noted that it is not drinkable after 17minutes and 30 seconds.

5. Leave a spoon in your tea to cool the tea down

As per the data gave by the Royal Society of Chemistry, dropping a teaspoon in the cup of tea for a couple of seconds is a good method to cool your tea faster.

There has always been a debate on whether the milk should go first or the tea brew. You can add the milk first if you are pouring the brewed tea from a teapot. it is also essential that the tea leaves are stored in tight containers. If not the moisture and other odors will get mixed up with the tea and the tea taste will be compromised. And you will enjoy your tea better when you brew your tea strong. If loose tea leaves are available, go for it rather than the tea bags, as they release the flavors better than the tea bags.