Easy Steps to Grow Coffee Plants at Home

Easy Steps to Grow Coffee Plants at Home

Coffee is one of the most widely consumed beverages in the world. A caffeinated drink, it comes from, as you know, coffee seeds. The plants are usually grown commercially in plantations after which the coffee bean is roasted and powdered before it is turned into a steaming cup of coffee that lands on your table before eventually ending up inside your stomach.

What if you wanted to grow your own coffee plants, have your own beans which you could then turn into the perfect cup of coffee the way you want it to? Is it possible to grow coffee in your own garden? Most definitely. Coffee, like any other plant can be grown in your home’s garden. All it takes is the space, the right knowledge and a little bit of care. So, here’s how you can grow your own coffee.

Seedling Separation

The first step is separating the seedlings. The first thing before that however is to find the seedlings. There are not available in regular gardening stores, but you can find them at stores like Wholefoods or the best place would be online. Once you have gotten it, leave them in a bowl of water overnight and then separate them into pots.

Growing Process

The growing process is perhaps the most important step of the whole thing. If you don’t get it right, your plant may never flower and give you those aromatic beans and in the worst cases, the plant itself might die. You need to keep the pots in indirect sunlight like near your window and water the plant and keep the soil moist, but not drowning.


The final step before harvesting the plant is repotting. It is a fairly difficult task that require a lot of care to complete. What you do is, once the plant has grown more than 8 inches tall, you remove it from its current pot and move it to a bigger pot. This helps the growth of the plant and gives it enough space and nutrients to grow freely.

How Long is The Harvesting Cycle?

The harvesting cycle is somewhat long when you think about it. It takes 4 or five years for a plant from the beginning to start fruiting. Once it does though, it can be used as an ornament or be used to get the beans within it. The beans, as you already know, is what is used to make coffee.