The perfect way to brew your coffee

The perfect way to brew your coffee

A good cup of coffee is all you need to set your mood right for the rest of the day. Getting your coffee ordered in the best coffee shops and brands can cause a hole in your pocket int the long run. With the simple tips given below, you will be able to make yourself a perfect cup of coffee. You will get your coffee right even if it is a supermarket blend or straight from the estate. You could make coffee using the drip coffee machine or the French press. Yet the traditional pour-over coffee is increasing in popularity.

Buy Fresh Beans

is no doubt that the best coffee is made when you use the beans within a few days of it being roasted. The certain way to get fresh coffee beans is to purchase them from the local roaster or roast them yourself. It is not a great idea to buy the bulk coffee that is displayed at the supermarket. This is because the flavors are tarnished due to oxygen and bright light. Therefore it is advisable to purchase from quality conscious packers who sell the coffee beans in vacuum-sealed bags to avoid the storage tubes getting rancid.

Keeping the Coffee beans fresh

It is essential to store your coffee beans using airtight containers. You could use ceramic or glass jars with air-tight lids. As roasted beans are porous, you must never refrigerate them. You could buy coffee beans necessary for a week’s supply and store them at room temperature.

Grind your own coffee

The quality of coffee starts degrading immediately after its ground. The best coffee around the world is made by grinding the coffee beans just before they are brewed. You could do this with an electric whirly blade grinder that is affordable than the expensive burr mills.

Use good water

tap water that contains chlorine or other flavors can deliberately spoil the taste of your coffee. If you are a coffee lover, it is best to use spring water that is bottled or charcoal or carbon activated filters on your taps.

You will be able to make the perfect coffee form the above tips. You could also avoid buying cheap filters for your coffee, don’t brew above 200 F as it extracts bitter compounds from the coffee. Also, ensure to keep your coffee containers and grinders clean regularly. You can use vinegar to clean the containers or any other special cleansers to remove oily or mineral deposits. Always ensure to rinse before using the containers.