The 3 Highest Earning Coffee Chains in The World

The 3 Highest Earning Coffee Chains in The World

Coffee is the most widely consumed beverage in the world. It is one of the most popular drinks ever created in history and will remain so until humans continue to exist. So, as you can imagine, like everything that is immensely popular, the coffee industry has also become a multimillion-dollar industry that is home to some of the most famous companies in the world.

Coffee chains are one of the products that were created due to the immense popularity of the beverage and they make tons of money, at least the successful ones do. We are going to talk about the most successful of them in this article. They have made their money on what is turning out to be the new black gold and they have made a pile of it. So, which are the highest earning coffee chains in the world?


Unless you are living under a rock or living a secluded life, there is no way that you would not have heard of Starbucks. The most popular coffee chain of all time, it is also the highest earning coffee chain on the planet and by a million miles. Founded in Seattle, it has an annual revenue of about $22 Billion, 7 times more than its nearest competitor and second highest earner in the business. That is some serious dominance.

Tim Hortons

Second on the list is the Canadian coffee chain Tim Hortons. Established by Canadian ice hockey player Miles Gilbert ‘Tim’ Horton in 1967, it has grown to become Canada’s fastest growing and most successful coffee chain with more than 4,600 stores and outposts in nine countries. It has an yearly turnover of about $3 Billion and was recently acquired by Burger King in 2014 for a huge sum of $11.4 Billion.

Panera Bread

American based Panera Bread is the third in the list with a revenue of $2.8 Billion. Established in Missouri in 1987 it is one of the most successful coffee chains in the US but it has a twisty and somewhat amusing story to it. It was bought by Au Bon Pain Co in 1997 after the company sold all of its chains including Au Bon Pain. It was then later acquired by JAB Holding in 2017 which made the decision of buying back the Au Bon Pain chain back into the fold.