What Are The Health Benefits Of Tea?

What Are The Health Benefits Of Tea?

Tea is one of the most popular kinds of hot beverages in the world. It is locally called as “Chai” but the term has been made famous all the globe due to the Bollywood and social media. We might have seen our elders sipping this hot Chai every morning and evening and also might wonder if it has any health benefits so that, In this article, we will try to clear your doubts and answer the question that is going in your head. There are different kinds of tea such as black tea, milk tea,  green , medicated teas, and herbal teas.

The Health Benefits Of Tea

Teas are known as strong stimulants that can help the body to be energetic and might especially if a person consumes green tea before working out it will help them to burn the fat faster and also aids in building endurance and reduces fatigue. Studies have shown that if a person consumes tea on a regular basis it cuts their chance of heart attacks and other cardiovascular diseases.

Free radicals are very harmful to the human body because it directly harms the DNA structure of a body. It is known to scientists that teas are rich in antioxidants and can absorb high-level oxygen. It is important that body gets rid of free radicals as a human body can’t reject 100% of free radicals on its own so it is important to consume anti-oxidants supplements. And Teas can do the job but you should always consume teas like green tea or other organic teas. It can also aid the body in fighting against other medical conditions like cancers and skin diseases.

Tea can be a medicine that can lower the risk of occurrence of Parkison diseases in older ages in both men and women as it keeps the nervous active. If you want to lose your weight then teas can help your fitness goals because it stimulates the metabolism rates but it is noted you have to fix your diet if you want to lose weight. As tea is not the magic pill that will melt away your fat in days or months


Teas can be consumed either as hot beverages or as cold beverages as they but frequent drinking of hot teas can help increase the chances of oesophageal cancer so it is important to mix both hot and cold tea in your routine.