Most Expensive Coffee In The World

Most Expensive Coffee In The World

Coffee is the best drink for increasing the energy in the body. Coffee also has beautiful aroma, which relaxes the body. In this article we are going to tell you about some of the most expensive coffee beans of the world, which a person should try for once in their life.

  • Black Ivory Coffee – This coffee is made in Thailand and is made from Arabica beans. It is consumed by elephants and the acid in their stomach breaks the beans proteins and provide robust flavor to the drink. It is rarely available and you need to spend about $ 50 for a cup.
  • Finca EI Injerto Coffee – It is made from very small, rare beans. The beans are washed through single channel and they are broke two times. The price of the coffee is $500 pound. It is very expensive and rarely available.

  • Hacienda La Esmeralda – It is grown on the sides of Mount Baru in Panama in the shades of guavava trees. This coffee has won many awards all over the world. It has a very rich flavor. In a recent auction, it was sold for $ 350 pounds.
  • Kopi Luwak – It is made by Asian palm civets in Indonesia. The animals consume it and it gets processed in their stomach, then they put it in their feces. The enzyme makes it tasty. Due to this it is also known as civet coffee.
  • Saint Helena Coffee – This coffee is cultivated in an Island, 1200 miles from the west coast of Africa. The transportation cost is very much, and that is the reason of high cost of the coffee.

  • Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee – It is cultivated in the Jamaica Blue Mountains at the height of 5,000 feet. It is mostly sold by Japan. This coffee are processed very nicely and then sent to other places.
  • Fazenda Santa Ines – It is cultivated in Brazil. The flavor of this coffee is sweet and fruity. Many people still dream to drink it because of its different taste. It goes out of stock very soon. You need to order from advance for getting hands on it.

Coffee makes the person think better and work better. There are many other coffee options which you can choose, but the above mentioned are worth paying the price. We hope this article has given you an idea of what are the expensive coffees available in the world.