Secret Gardening Tips You Wish You Had Known

Secret Gardening Tips You Wish You Had Known

Gardening is an absolutely blissful thing. The pleasure it gives is outwardly, to be honest and I am not even exaggerating anything. I will admit, it is an acquired taste so I don’t blame you if you don’t get it. But for those who though, they know what I am talking about. So owning a garden can be blissful, but in the current urban situation, it is almost impossible.

The urban spaces in our cities are cramped and barely anybody has the space for a garden anymore. Turns out though, all you need is a terrace for a garden, not a space in your plot. Terrace garden, while a tedious task to start out, is quite easy to maintain and also requires less space. It has been gaining traction recently and if you want in on it, ill share you some secrets to have a good terrace garden of your own.

The Right Space

The most important thing when you are out to start a terrace garden is to choose the right space for the garden. The problem is that even if you have a giant terrace with all the space in the world, you will still need the right ingredients in the place to make the plant grow. If it is built by the books though then you can cover the whole terrace itself without an issue.

How to Choose the Right Soil

The right soil is the most important thing needed for your plants to grow. The question is not about which soil you must choose but rather how you choose the right soil. The perfect one has to be a mix of regular soil compost coir peat and vermicompost. You should also make sure to add more nutrients to the soil after heavy rains.

The First Step

If you are a beginner then this the most crucial step for you, potting the plant and more importantly choosing which plant to grow. In the beginning don’t go all Rambo and plant a hundred different plants. Plant a single veggie first. Something like chili or tomatoes is preferable as they don’t need much car and then slowly expand to other veggies.

What Can You Grow?

This is one of the most common questions I hear. What can you grow in a terrace garden. Many seem perplexed about it. Here is a little secret, you can grow anything on your terrace, even trees if the foundation of your building is strong enough. It is about the care you give the plants.