Why Herbal Teas Can Help You Sleep Better ?

Why Herbal Teas Can Help You Sleep Better ?

We all know the importance of having a good sleep. You probably might have the famous proverb  ‘Early to bed and early to rise’ this is particularly true because having a good sleep allows you to wake up early this is due to the fact that if a body gets enough rest it can carry out all the physiological and metabolic functions in a human body.

If an individual doesn’t get enough sleep or sleep there are many complications such as.

  • Mental Irritation

If an individual doesn’t get enough sleep it can result in mental irritation because if a body doesn’t get enough rest it can make the mind restless thus resulting in mental fog and anger issues.

  • Fatigue

If you are constantly fatigued then it is highly likely that you are not getting enough sleep. Lack of sleep results in lower energy levels, as the body is under stress it tries to cope up with the stress and a person can fall sick if they continue to get less sleep.

  • Mood

Bad Mood can be a result of a lack of sleep which studies have shown proved. If you are constantly angry or in a bad mood, check if you are getting enough sleep.

Now moving forward to the main article if you are unaware of the fact that herbal teas can help you sleep better. It is generally accepted if you are stressed out you can’t sleep and thus it can turn into insomnia, a medical condition which disrupts the sleep cycle.

The teas which can help you to sleep better are-


Chamomile is known to reduce anxiety and insomnia in individuals as it regarded as a natural remedy to cure these symptoms. It acts as a mild tranquilizer and can suppress the hormones which disrupt the sleep cycle.

Valerian Root

Valerian Root has s long history of using as a remedy for curing issues like anxiety and, headaches, insomnia, etc. It is still popular in the villages of Europe and it sold as dried powder an is consumed as a tea and the element GABA is present which acts as a neurotransmitter.

Passion Flower

Passion Flower Tea is derived from stems and flowers of Passiflora plant and is known to improver sleep habits and patterns. If they are combined with Valerian Root tea it can help to treat insomnia.