Most expensive tea in the world

Most expensive tea in the world

Tea is an emotion for people since years. Different varieties of tea are present in the whole world which are best and worth spending money. In this article we have mentioned most expensive tea in the world, which are rich in taste an aroma.

  • Da Hong Pao Tea – It is the most expensive tea in the world. It is $1.2 million per kg. It is a national treasure for Chinese government. It is presented as a gift of honor to special people who visit china. It is not available for common public.
  • PG Tips Diamond Tea Bag – One bag of this tea will cost you around $15,000. It is expensive because it is filled with rare variety called as silver tips imperial tea & because the tea bags are adorned with 280 pieces of diamonds, handcrafted by the Boodles Jewelers. It is not affordable by common people.

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  • Panda Dunga Tea – It is very rich in nutrients. It is made from panda droppings. If you love to try something different then this tea is best for you. It costs $70,000 per Kg. It is rare and rich in energy.
  • Vintage Narcissus – It is rare and grown on The Wuyi Mountain. The laves of the tree are oxidized to 60% to give it a nice exotic flavor. It costs $6500 per Kg. The cost is high as it needs transportation also from a long distance.
  • Yellow Gold Tea Buds – The cost of this tea is high because the leaves are sprayed lightly with edible 24 carat gold. They are harvested on one day of the year only by one farmer. The cost of this tea is $3,000 per Kg.
  • Tieguanyin Tea – This tea is the combination of black and green teas that are fermented. It is grown in Fujian Province. It costs $3000 per Kg. The leaves are harvested, dried, oxidized, rolled, roasted and also scented.

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  • Poo Poo Pu Erh Tea – It was invented in 18th century. The tea is made fromt he droppings of the insects. It was gifted to Chinese emperor Qianlong. You will never get dissapointed by this tea. It costs around $1,000 per Kg.

Tea is favorite of all. You can get more varieties then mentioned above in the list, but the others will not be so good as they are. We hope this article has given you some knowledge about tea in detail. Just drink healthy and be happy.